About The Institute

Mission / Vision


The vision of JCamp 180 is to develop and cultivate vibrant organizations that assure the continuity of Jewish identity, people and culture through transformative youth experiences.


Our mission is to significantly enhance the long-term effectiveness of nonprofit overnight camps and other organizations that engage young people in meaningful Jewish cultural and educational experiences.

We provide incentives and consulting services that foster Jewish philanthropy and create a culture of abundance within these groups by:

  • Developing and implementing visionary strategic plans
  • Creating and sustaining vibrant leadership
  • Focusing and strengthening fundraising activities, and
  • Utilizing the power of technology to support their mission

Core Values

JCamp180 will:

  • Play an integral role in transforming Jewish philanthropy, substantially increasing the number of Jews who support Jewish organizations (give Jewishly).
  • Create sustainable Jewish organizations by developing the board leadership, professional staff and donor base of our client organizations to such a high level that they are self-sustaining in many areas - the groups will learn to fish.
  • Model and encourage organizational leadership that utilizes strategic vision, inclusivity and measurable results.
  • Greatly increase the capacity of our partner/client organizations to use technology in their fundraising, governance and alumni outreach - every organization will be at the cutting-edge of technology use, leading the way in the Jewish and nonprofit world.
  • Work to change the culture of fundraising within our client organizations to create relational based fundraising strategies led with talent and comfort by the organization's staff and lay leaders.
  • Significantly increase the fundraising capacity of our clients, including capital campaigns, annual giving, endowment development and Legacy gifts.
  • Be in high demand within Jewish philanthropy due to our proven track record of achieving consistently strong results.
  • Be known as a great place to work with a team of highly effective professionals.


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"It was not until I had the pleasure of working with a Grinspoon Institute Mentor that I truly understood the efficacy of your organization. Our work together demonstrated the power of the Grinspoon Institute's mission of helping to strengthen the Jewish community through effective professional mentoring and partnership with organizations such as Camp Ramah in New England."

- Aaron Kass, Board Member, Camp Ramah in New England