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Capital Campaigns

Capital Campaign Basics

Learn how to assemble and execute a rewarding capital campaign.

Capital Campaigns 101 (ARTICLE)
By Robert Zimmerman and Ann Lehman - This two-part article discusses campaign readiness, assembling committee leadership and important elements of planning your capital campaign.
Capital Development Campaign Workbook
This is a very thorough workbook that will ensure a successful campaign developed by Mentor Royster Hedgepeth.
Prospect Identification 101 (DOC)
This document provides additional tips, tools and tasks for effectively identifying potential donor prospects within your camp community.
Campaign Chair Job Description (DOC)
This adaptable job description outlines the major responsibilities and expectations of a Campaign Committee Chair.
Capital Pledge Reminder Sample (DOC)
Sample Three Year Campaign Fundraising Plan
Case Statement

How to produce a case statement and begin your fundraising campaign.

There's Nothing Debatable About It: Creating a Powerful Case for Support (ARTICLE)
4 tips for creating a powerful case for support for your organization. By JCamp 180 Mentor Natasha Dresner; originally published in the Berkshire Eagle.
Camp B'nai B'rith Master Facilities Plan and Case Statement (PDF)
Master Development Plan December 2009
The Case for a Case Statement
This document describes the need for developing a strong capital campaign Case Statement. It also provides suggested uses for your Statement and an outline of key elements for inclusion in a strong Case Statement.
Elements of a Case for Support (PDF)
Case for Support Guide Sheet.
Case Statement Outline (DOC)
The case for support is a document that outlines the strategic thinking behind your fundraising campaign.
Sample Case Statement: Ramah Wisconsin (PDF)
The Milestone Campaign from Ramah Wisconsin.
Sample Case Statement: URJ Camp Coleman (PDF)
URJ Camp Coleman sample campaign.
Sample Case Statement: URJ Green Family Camp (PDF)
URJ Greene Family Camp sample campaign.
Herzl Campaign Case Statement (PDF)
Herzl Camp sample campaign.

Herzl Campaign Newsletter (PDF)
Herzl Camp example newsletter.

Herzl Campaign Pledge Letter (PDF)
Herzl Camp example pledge letter.
Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa 1-Page Capital Campaign Fact Sheet (PDF)
Camp Gilboa example fact sheet.
Campaign Budgets

Learn the crucial aspects of establishing a realistic budget for your fundraising endeavors.

Hard and Soft Costs of Capital Improvement Project Checklist (DOC)
Example capital improvement project checklist.
Budgeting for Capital Campaign Costs
Examples for capital campaign budgets.
Other Costs of Running a Capital Campaign
5 additional costs that you should consider when planning a capital campaign.
Sample Brochures

View these sample brochures as a guide to creating your fundraising materials.

Camp Interlaken Campaign Mailer (PDF)
Example campaign mailer from Camp Interlaken.
Camp Interlaken Capital Campaign Brochure (PDF)
Example of a capital campaign brochure from Camp Interlaken.
Sample Campaign Overview Flyer
Sample One Page Campaign Flyer
The Ask


Basic Outline of a Solicitation (DOC)
Outlining the essentials for solicitating to a potential donor.
Closing the Gift, Sample Scripts.
An easy to follow suggestions of words, and phrases you can use to comfortably close the ask.
Dealing with Objections
Do you know how to ask for the money? Advice and tips for asking for the money.
Donor Profile Worksheet
Simple template to be used before you visit a prospective donor.
Exercise to Practice Asking for Money (DOC)
Do you know how to ask for the money? Advice and tips for asking for the money.
How to Ask (PPT)
PowerPoint presentation on how to ask for the money.
Solicitation Preparation Sheet (DOC)
Sample solicitation prepartion sheet.
Sample: Solicitation Prep Form (DOC)
Why YOU Should Ask For and Receive a Major Gift This Summer…But Probably Won't (ARTICLE)
Summer is the best time to ask for major gifts for camp. But fear keeps many from making the ask. How can you overcome this fear?