Knowledge Center Knockout!
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Knowledge Center Knockout!

What is the MOST useful resource on the JCamp 180 Knowledge Center? Which of our most-viewed resources will remain after 4 rounds of grueling head-to-head competition?

In honor of March Madness, we ask for your help in determining the 2016 Knowledge Center Knockout champion. We've selected 16 of the most-viewed resources in our Knowledge Center and placed them in a March Madness-style bracket (see below).

Throughout March, we will post each matchup on Facebook and Twitter. Please comment on those posts with whichever resource you prefer. The resources that get the most comments on social media will win and move on to the next round.

Want to review the contenders in advance of the competition? All of the resources are linked below.

Thanks in advance for participating!

**Update - April 6, 2016**

We've crowned our #KnowledgeCenterKnockout Champion:

How to Write Alumni Profiles that Tell Your Story

Thank you to everyone who participated. Let us know if you have any feedback about #KnowledgeCenterKnockout, our Knowledge Center in general, or our Facebook Page.

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Board/Governance Regional

Nonprofit Conflict of Interest: A 3-Dimensional View

What is Micromanagement and What Isn't?

No More Rubber-Stamping Board Meetings 

5 Steps for Decision-Making That Will Vastly Improve Your Board Meetings

Alumni/Communications Regional

How to Write Alumni Profiles that Tell Your Story

8 Tips for Finding and Reconnecting with Camp Alumni

A Fundraiser's One Week Spring Challenge

Guide Your Prospects to Donate Online - Online Giving Test Results (Part I of II)

Fundraising Regional

Debunking the Myths About Legacy and Planned Giving

Stewarding Your Donors

Webinar: Move 'em to act - Crafting Effective Annual Appeals

Be Noticed: How to Make your Camp's Appeal Letter Stand Out

Strategy/Webinars Regional

How Can Your Organization Define Why It Exists…and How It Does Its Work?

4 Questions Your Camp SHOULD Be Asking

Webinar: The Top Ten Things Board Members Can Do to Raise Money (and Only One is Asking for It!)

Webinar: When "Thank You" Isn't Enough: The Art of Donor Stewardship