JCamp 180 Enrollment Program

Camp enrollment is the concern of every camp's professional and lay leaders. Because both new camper recruitment and the retention of existing campers impact enrollment, the JCamp 180 team has developed a training program for camp professionals and lay leaders that shares the theory as well as best practices in both recruitment and retention.

Camps operating with less than full enrollment know the impact that an additional five, ten, or even more campers would have on programming and finances. Everyone who has participated in a camp fair knows that these 20th century programs provide visibility to the camp but do little in actually bringing in new campers. New techniques are needed for the 21st century – techniques that use 21st century tools and address 21st century expectations.

The JCamp 180 enrollment support program is based on a curriculum that has been developed with the help of outside experts, movement leaders, and camp people like you. The program is designed so participants leave with a comprehensive enrollment plan (both recruitment and retention) as well as a list of take-away actions that will enable them to achieve that plan. This enrollment program will provide participants with tips and techniques to achieve your enrollment goals, whether those are for five or fifty additional campers.

Program Curriculum

The JCamp 180 enrollment program curriculum includes webinars and in-person workshops where those in attendance will discuss enrollment related subjects. A JCamp 180 mentor will moderate each session. Many will include presentations from camp personnel who have developed successful enrollment programs. Included in the discussions will be topics such as:

  • Camper retention: why there is a need for specialized focus
  • Using camper satisfaction surveys to enhance recruitment
  • Justifying investments to support enrollment initiatives
  • The right enrollment data, and how to capture it
  • Marketing your camp: targeting recruitment and branding initiatives
  • Recruitment best practices: Tales of tried and proven techniques
  • Retention best practices: getting everyone back next year

Although each workshop can stand alone, because sessions build on prior learnings, participants are encouraged to participate in all workshops throughout the year. Designed for mid- and senior-level staff as well as lay leaders, the full impact of this program will come to camps that devote at least one staff person and one lay leader to complete the entire curriculum.

By the end of the program, participants will have assembled a workbook that summarizes best practices and recommendations in each of the program focus areas. This workbook includes models and worksheets that each camp will have customized for follow-up actions to pursue the camp's enrollment objectives.

Registering for the Program

Staff and Board members of camps affiliated with JCamp 180 are eligible to take part in any of the sessions throughout the year. These sessions are provided at no cost to participants affiliated with JCamp 180 camps.

Questions? Contact JCamp 180 Mentor Aron Goldman: aron@hgf.org or 413-218-7865

To register for the program, visit the registration page on the JCamp 180 website.

Enrollment Resources

The following resources include checklists, worksheets, and a recorded webinar that can be used to help camps refine their recruitment and retention planning and improve their enrollment results.

There are also hard copy and online versions of our comprehensive curriculum. This workbook will be distributed to registered program participants in November.